Hunger and freedom | Caroline Laurent Turunc


They wrapped Feyruze’s body in a fig leaf
They say goodbye under the red earth between two rivers
Like the distance between sunrise and sunset
Death was cheap in this land

The bird of your absence was flying with flapping its wings
On the slopes of the mountains it was haunting the desert wind
Helpless poor servants in front of their heads
Victims of obedience and willingness
They bowed to the signature of death without whining

I think another god is needed
Who knows and sees everything without mourning, who imposes the seeds of every color on the soil
A new god of blooming green, not exiled!

Looking at the sky hurts me, cranes lost in the smell of loneliness at the crossroads of the seasons
young vines falling from the wall…
Happiness was jumping into the death pit
In the cold that trembles crooked predicaments
They were hitting those who think differently with a shovel in their mouths.
Those who come to turn the lights out in the middle of the night

Now we are in strange times
Gazelles roasting in the fire of lilies and lilacs
Funerals are a feast for the devil
Crane fighting against the dark
The deafening screams of lightning
Women who beat the light in the mortar
The universe turned to ash, dreams were leaving the city lightly

Sick hammocks are tired of coming and going
He was swinging in the emptiness of loneliness with a look that lost his seriousness
A desperate prayer between life and death
The silent pain of the palm tree.
Those who lose in the silence that experience existence are those who are suddenly dispersed.
And the shape of faces

The wind was dusting Feyruze
Sweeping his pages mercilessly into the dark black of history


I wish I was the shepherd of the clouds in the sky.
I’d make it rain more and then turn myself into a rainbow

Or if I was a little curly-haired girl sitting on the sidewalk waiting to play with her friends and then I just fell asleep right there.

Or if I were a stone at the edge of the field. If I bathed in the sun and were cleansed by the wind.

Or if I were a letter to someone I love, or if I were a handkerchief that wiped my mother’s tears, I would try to comfort my mother, ‘Mom, my beautiful mother, the smell of basil my mother, I would say don’t cry.
I would kiss your sad eyes.

If I were a dancing gypsy in a floral dress, I would fit all the injured women into my smile.

For example, if I had a house with four walls and every room in the house was mine. Every night I would bring homeless people home and make them sleep at home.

Or if I were the page of an old album, I would gather broken families in one place so that they could live together forever

Or if I were wheat bread. I wouldn’t starve anyone. I know that hunger and freedom are loneliness.

For example, if I were the state of the world, I would embrace the rocks and draw endless lands.
A bag of coal.
Carnation next to it.
I wish I knew the solution.

If I knew when I would come and when I would go, I would not burden myself, I would not be weighed down

I met him on a rainy day
I was waiting at the stop, she was running towards the ticket office.
The ticket office was closed, I realized for a moment that she was scared and upset, I had an extra ticket in my pocket and I gave it to her.
When I say hello to a friend whose language I don’t know

She was trying to warm her hands, which were pink from the cold. I took off my gloves, told her to wear them, she didn’t want to take them, I insisted on it, then she thanked me and took them with a sweet smile. I’m glad them took the glove and put them on.
It was as if I had suddenly fallen into silence and the world had stopped there.

My heart felt like it was going to explode, It was a dream I didn’t want to end

Crystal clear beautiful face, elegant lady

Spring had come to my soul, it was as if there was no white hair left on my head.
And the sky suddenly changed colors, I felt all the colors of the rainbow on my cheeks

Paris: This must be what they call the city of lovers, I wet my bones like two clouds merge.
It was like going up to the sky, if there was a river next to me, I would wet my heart with cold water.

I won’t get tired of looking into your eyes for days

I quickly fell into the garden of love.
I turned my head and looked at the garden of love
It was very different from the Grass I played with in my childhood, it was more lively and exciting.

They say every wound has a price, the smell of that price was very nice.
This was my dream, I’m ready to trap myself if it’s a trap

Just as he was about to fall asleep, there was a clicking sound.
The doorbell rang, I opened the door, the princess of my dreams was in front of me, she was a little shy!

She was wearing a purple silk dress
Smell of amber, her hair was a flame in the dim light
I’m in the sky where lightning strikes and splits
When I look down I am in a great fire, as if I were the smoke from a volcano.

I sat on the sofa to clear my mind.
Fears I’ve never felt before
I started looking at the ceiling as if searching for something, I looked for a long time.
Mixed fear and joy love all in one
If you don’t speak for a long time your throat will rust
I touch my nose, my mouth, my eyes, my face, I see the green night.

We made love until we melted in the pouring rain
With our white kisses we carried all ages to the sky without stairs
This is not a dream. A fairy tale from Paris

CAROLINE LAURENT TURUNC. (Turkey) The daughter of a family of nine children. She currently lives in Paris, France. She started writing at the age of 15. She has written over 1500 poems since 2013, received many certificates from abroad, and participated in 12 local and foreign anthologies. Her poems have been published in many international journals and sites. She is writing a novel and is about to finish it soon. She published two poetry books, «Between Oriental and Schemal» and «Desert lily». She won the second place during the championship of the world literature in Romania.

Courtesy of author

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